Frequently Asked Questions

These are concluded between:

- REDHAWK TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED, an Indian company with registered office at hatiya gachi ward-31,Bihar, chaired by Mr Amanullah Khan, below, named HawkTurbo or Service.

What is HawkTurbo?

Hawkturbo is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) portal. The system is a content aggregation platform that allows users to fetch content from multiple sources and consolidate it under one account. The system effectively replaces your download manager and acts as a bridge between you and the content source to maintain your privacy and offer you a single platform instead of maintaining logins at multiple sources., all accessible via the Internet from various devices (PCs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.). ) and through which the Customer can download data in peer-to-peer or direct link mode. The service is provided in monthly subscription format. These are limited in time and traffic. Hawkturbo may use services offered by other websites to add functionality. The Customer expressly acknowledges that Hawkturbo does not participate in the design, construction, operation and administration of the data used and transferred by the Customer.

Note:Our service acts like a gateway between you and the host service, redirecting the file directly to you from hosts servers. We never save the file on our servers, therefore Hawkturbo is totally within the boundaries of legal work.

Are payments one time or recurring?

All payments are one time, and do not recur. Once your service time expires, you must renew manually.

Do you have plugins for my browser?

We have plugins for Firefox and Chrome. Please visit the Tools section within the UserCP (requires a registered and activated account).

A certain content source does not work. What can I do?

Please contact us at the helpdesk and include all details of the failure and problems encountered. We'll investigate and fix problems promptly.

Something is wrong with the system, who do I contact?

All maintenance and/or outage announcements are posted on the UserCP News page as well as the official blog. If you do not find any updates on either of these pages, please get in touch with us via the helpdesk and we'll investigate and rectify any problems you're facing.